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  1. This time I will introduce Tang Poetry to you, which is of great help in learning Chinese.(2017.全国Ⅰ卷)


  introduce sb / sth to sb 向某人介绍某人 / 某事物(be) of help 有帮助的

  2. In the class, you will mainly learn Tang poetry, which reflects traditional Chinese culture and is deeply loved by Chinese.(2017.全国Ⅰ卷)


  is deeply loved by 深受......喜爱

  3. You’d better make full preparations before class and have a brief understanding of the history of Tang Dynasty, which makes it easy for you to go through the class.(2017.全国Ⅰ卷)


  make full preparations:做充分准备

  have a brief understanding of:对......有简单的了解

  4. Not only will our club's works be displayed, but we also have a valuable set of paper-cutting created by a famous artist of this field.(2017.全国Ⅱ卷)


  Not only...but also:不仅......而且......

  5. Besides, there will be a lot of useful and interesting activities, from which you can have a clearer picture of Chinese culture.(2017.全国Ⅱ卷)


  02 感谢、建议、邀请、通知

  6. Thank you in advance. 先行致谢。(2013.全国)

  in advance (of ) 提前 (于……);预先 (于……)

  7. Thank you for your concern.(2014.四川)


  8. Any student who is interested is welcome to participate.(2016.全国)


  9. I sincerely hope you could join us. (2017.全国)


  10. I would appreciate it if you could take my proposal into consideration.(2015.上海)


  I'd appreciate it if … 如果……我将不胜感激;take sth into consideration 考虑到某事;顾及某事

  11. We would appreciate it if you could reply at your earliest convenience. (2011.上海)


  I'd appreciate it if … 如果……我将不胜感激;at your earliest convenience [书信用语] 尽早;尽快

  12. Glad to see you have made some progress in Chinese learning and I’m writing to tell you something about our next lesson.(2017.全国Ⅰ卷)


  have made some progress in:在......方面取得了进步

  13. The lesson will be given from 3 pm to 5 pm on the afternoon of next Tuesday in the classroom 502.(2017.全国Ⅰ卷)

  14. If there is anything that I can help you, please don’t hesitate to tell me.(2017.全国Ⅰ卷)

  15. Now I'm glad to tell you there will be a Chinese paper-cutting exhibition held by our school.(2017.全国Ⅱ卷)


  16. I sincerely hope you can set aside some time for the art feast.(2017.全国Ⅱ卷)

  17. I would appreciate it if you accept my invitation.(2017.全国Ⅱ卷)

  18. I'm sure it can leave a wonderful impression on you!(2017.全国Ⅱ卷)


  leave a wonderful impression on:给......留下深刻印象19. Occasionally learning that you are addicted to table tennis, I am writing to sincerely invite you to join the table

tennis team in our school aimed at developing our interests and improving our skills.(2017.全国Ⅱ卷)


  are addicted to:对......入迷

  20. If you are interested in what I have stated above, sign up on our school website before September 1st.(2017.全国Ⅱ卷)


  sign up:报名

  21. I’m looking forward to your reply even your appearance in our training center soon.(2017.全国Ⅱ卷)

  22. Any students who is interested in welcome to participate.(2016.全国Ⅱ卷)


  23. If you want to join, you can send your photos to intlphotoshow@gm.school.com.(2016.全国Ⅱ卷)


  24. I am sure everyone will benefit a lot from this activity. (2008.陕西)


  benefit from sth 受益于某事物

  25. I hope I will be accepted as a member of your summer camp. (2012.全国)


  accept sb as 接纳某人成为……

  26. Outdoor activities are really helpful in building up my body and enriching my school life. (2014.江西)


  be helpful in doing sth 对做某事有帮助

  27. As Teachers' Day was approaching, our class decided to hold a party to celebrate the important day. (2012.陕西)


  28. On behalf of our school, I would like to express our warm welcome to you. (2014.陕西)


  on behalf of 代表;express welcome to sb 对某人表示欢迎

  29. We should take an active part in sports and outdoor activities frequently. 2014.陕西


  take an active part in 积极参与

  30. The activity got us close to nature and gave us relaxation from heavy school work. (2013.陕西)


  get close to 接近

  31. As time went by, I gradually adapted myself to the school life. 2011.广东 随着时间的推移,我逐渐适应了学校生活。

  go by 流逝;adapt oneself to sth 使自己适应某事物

  32. The table-tennis team of our school is admitting new players. (2017.全国)


  admit vt. 招收

  33. I read the announcement of the summer camp that you have posted on the Internet and I am interested in it. (2012.全国)


  post 张贴 / 发布;be interested in 对……感兴趣

  34. I kept practising until I became confident enough to challenge the good players. (2013.浙江)


  challenge vt. 挑战

  35. Besides building my body and enriching my knowledge, after-class activities also free me from the heavy work of study. (2011.四川)


  enrich 丰富;free sb from 使某人摆脱

  36. My teacher always gave me confidence every time I lost heart. (2014.山东)


  give sb confidence 给某人信心;lose heart 灰心

  37. Word came that a reading festival would be held by our school. (2015.上海)


  word came that … 有消息传来……

  38. The table-tennis team will hold a range of activities, including some training and matches. (2017.全国)


  a (wide) range of 一系列的 / 各式各样的;include 包括

  39. Li Yue has been awarded the title of“Star Student of the Week” for what she did for our class. (2010.浙江)


  award sb sth 授予某人某事物;the title of ……的称号

  40. After a heated discussion, we agreed on making a video to record our experiences at school.(2017. 北京)

  41. The students and teachers shared a great time.(2017. 北京)

  42. Therefore, rules should be worked out and strictly observed.(2016. 江苏)


  43. Our class came up with the idea to make better use of used materials.(2016. 北京)


  came up with the idea:提出想法

  44. We did so well that we were invited to share our idea and experience with all the students of our school.(2016. 北京)